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I’ve always been into fitness, but never really understood why I wasn't see the results I wanted until I training with Coach G. I joined the 8 week Better Body program to get a jump start on the summer bod and it felt like he understood me and what I wanted to achieve. We started with an assessment and from there it was clear he waned me to succeed.   

There is a whole bunch of helpful information that I was able to use and he checked in often to make sure I was managing. The short easy to follow training videos are perfect for quick no nonsense workouts and I’m now up to 3 mini workouts a day. The sessions we did together are well thought out and a good laugh, and the nutrition advice worked well around my life. 

The one thing I feel that has been missing from my training in the past was sustainability and Coach G’s program makes it easy to keep going and seeing the results stack up. 


Give it a shot, those 8 weeks will change your life!


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